The new TR2 RX 450W / 550W Series of power supplies

downloadhubJune 17, 2016

If the Lions defence were playing even just OK, I pick Detroit. But, man, has that side of the ball under Matt Patricia ever been a disappointment. One of the biggest of the NFL season. 15. JC Tretter is the Browns starting center and recently signed a 3 year contract extension with the Browns. In his three Cleveland seasons, he’s never missed a game.

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Thermaltake, leading power supplies, cases and cooling solutions brand, today announced their new version of TR2 RX Series ultra low noise power supplies. As leading brand in the industry, Thermaltake is constantly updating their product lines to include the latest technology in addition to most up to date industrial specifications. The new TR2 RX 450W / 550W Series of power supplies has incorporated an ultra silent 140mm fan to remove thermal build up within the enclosure more efficiently and silently..

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